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Spring Education Group Students Celebrate Protecting the Planet During Earth Day 2022

Earth day 2022 Spring Education Group

To celebrate the Earth Day this year, more than 100 Spring Education Group schools across the country held events and programs to educate students about the importance of caring for the environment and protecting the planet. Students released more than 182,000 ladybugs, butterflies and praying mantises into their schoolyards, used recycled materials to create outfits for Earth Day fashion shows, created worm composting bins, planted trees and gardens at their schools and community centers, held playground cleanups, and more.

Each year, our students are taught the importance of exploring nature and caring for the planet through a variety of Earth Day activities. We want our students to learn that even at a young age, they can have a positive impact on their communities and the world around them. Through interactive and engaging initiatives, students get the opportunity to experience caring for the environment while having fun.

The most popular Earth Day event that took place was the ladybug release. Leading up to Earth Day, students learned that ladybugs serve as a natural pesticide by feeding on insects that could otherwise harm the health of gardens, trees and shrubs. Spring Education Group schools teach the importance of community and exploring nature at an early age.

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