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2019 Senior Projects Impress at BASIS Independent Schools

In their final trimesters as BASIS Independent Schools students, seniors face their Senior Project—a high-level research project centered around a question or topic of their choosing. Students decide what to study and where, and then work outside of school researching the nuanced topic. Senior Project subjects are sometimes something seniors wish to pursue in college or in a career; other times, the topics are something that the students are intellectually curious or passionate about. Throughout this journey, students become scholars, use their knowledge to pursue deeper understanding, and learn how to tap into their full potential.

Below are some highlights:

  • Ryah H. (BASIS Independent Brooklyn) used her senior project to shed light on the sociological risks black and Latino youth have toward contracting HIV/AIDs in underfunded communities in New York, as well as to introduce possible solutions to create a culturally-tailored, accessible, and effective HIV intervention program.
  • Dennis W. (BASIS Independent Silicon Valley) researched the slip rate of the San Gregorio Fault in Half Moon Bay. He drew on knowledge gained from his courses in Chemistry, English Literature, AP Seminar and Computer Science.
  • Akash S. (BASIS Independent Silicon Valley) investigated the practices of insurance companies that could possibly deny life-saving care to patients. Akash learned that they often utilize confusing billing procedures to circumvent ACA-protected preventative care coverage and obstruct a patient’s access to care with excessive costs.
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